Evaluation & Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Evaluation & Learning?

Evaluation is a systematic &  intentional process of gathering & analyzing data (quantitative and qualitative) to inform learning, decision-making & action (FSG Blog).

How are Evaluation & Learning Applied to Peacebuilding/Conflict-Affected Settings?

Peacebuilding evaluation is the use of data collection to investigate the quality & value of interventions that seek to stop violence from recurring or promote positive change in a conflict context (New Routes).

Okay, So I Want to Conduct an Evaluation, Where Do I Start?

For more information on conducting an evaluation, please see our Online Field Guide.

Where Can I Have Conversations with Others About Evaluation & Learning?

To start conversations about & provide insight on topics related to evaluation & learning, please explore & contribute to our Discussions.

Are There Examples of Evaluation & Learning in Practice?

For a collection of resources on evaluation & earning, please visit our Resource Library.

Where Can I Find Partnership Opportunities in Evaluation & Learning?

For a list of organizations & groups working on evaluation & learning in conflict settings, please see our Collaboration Map.