Peacebuilding & Urbanization

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Peacebuilding?

Peacebuilding is a broad range of measures implemented in the context of emerging, current, or post-conflict situations & which are explicitly guided & motivated by a primary commitment to the prevention of violent conflict & the promotion of a lasting & sustainable peace (Search for Common Ground).

Where Can I Have Conversations with Others About Peacebuilding & Urbanization?

To start conversations about & provide insight on topics related to peacebuilding & urbanization, please explore & contribute to our Discussion Forums.

Are There Examples of Peacebuilding & Urbanization In Practice?

For a collection of peacebuilding & urbanization resources, please visit our Resource Library.

How Can I Find Out Who Is Working on Peacebuilding & Urbanization?

For a list of peacebuilding & urbanization organizations around the world, please see our Collaboration Map.