Technology for Good: Digital Peacebuilding

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Technology for Good? And What is Digital Peacebuilding?
  • Tech[nology] for good refers to technology’s ability to contribute to positive social change by offering tools that foster collaboration, transform attitudes & give a stronger voice to communities (International Journal of Security and Development).
  • Digital peacebuilding is the analysis of & response to online conflict dynamics & the harnessing of digital tools to amplify peacebuilding outcomes (Alliance for Peacebuilding).
What is Peacebuilding?

Peacebuilding is a broad range of measures implemented in the context of emerging, current, or post-conflict situations & which are explicitly guided & motivated by a primary commitment to the prevention of violent conflict & the promotion of a lasting & sustainable peace (Search for Common Ground).

What is the Relationship Between Technology and Conflict?

As technological capabilities continue to develop and grow, they can both contribute to sustainable peace and cause harm. From surveillance to social media, technology’s wide-ranging applications can exacerbate or ease conflict dynamics. Find out more here.

Are There Any Examples of How Technology is Being Utilized to Promote Peace?

For a collection of resources on technology for good & digital peacebuilding, please visit our Resource Library.

Where Can I Have Conversations with Others About Technology for Good & Digital Peacebuilding?

To start conversations about & provide insight on topics related to technology for good, please explore & contribute to our Discussion Forums.

How Can I Find Out Who Else is Interested in Technology for Good & Digital Peacebuilding?

For a list of organizations & groups working in technology for good & digital peacebuilding, please see our Collaboration Map.