Humanitarian & Emergency Response Programming

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Humanitarian Aid?

Humanitarian aid provides assistance in response to crises through the provision of basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothing & medical support (Peace Terms).

What is the Relationship Between Humanitarian & Emergency Response Programming & Conflict?

Humanitarian aid must integrate peacebuilding measures & conflict sensitivity to avoid perpetuating violence & humanitarian need. Peacebuilding & humanitarian aid differ in that the former addresses the underlying drivers of violence & the latter responds to some of its symptoms (Mercy Corps). Commonalities include aiming to build resilience, assisting national actors in coping with current & future crises, and focusing on capacity building to prevent reversion to violence, which could trigger future humanitarian crises (OCHA).

Where Can I Have Conversations with Others About Humanitarian Emergency Response Programming in Conflict Settings?

To start conversations about and provide insight on topics related to humanitarian & emergency response programming, please explore & contribute to our Discussions.

Are There Any Examples of How Humanitarian & Emergency Response Programming is Applied in Conflict-Affected Contexts?

For a collection of resources on humanitarian & emergency response programming in conflict settings, please visit our Resource Library.

How Can I Find Out Who Else is Interested in Humanitarian & Emergency Response Programming?

For a list of organizations & groups working in humanitarian & emergency response programming, please see our Collaboration Map.