Program Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Program Monitoring?

Program monitoring “is the process of regularly collecting data in order to inform decisions about program implementation” (Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium).

How is Program Monitoring Applied to Peacebuilding/Conflict-Affected Settings?

Peacebuilding programs need to be highly responsive to the complexity of conflict contexts & the systems in which projects operate. Program monitoring for peacebuilding typically involves three main types: conflict monitoring, implementation monitoring & results monitoring (Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium).

Where Can I Have Conversations with Others About Program Monitoring?

To start conversations about & provide insight on topics related to program monitoring, please explore & contribute to our Discussions.

Are There Examples of Program Monitoring in Practice?

For a collection of resources on program monitoring, please visit our Resource Library.

Where Can I Find Partnership Opportunities in Program Monitoring?

For a list of organizations & groups working on program monitoring in conflict contexts, please see our Collaboration Map.