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    • From September 26 to September 30, the Evidence & Impact Summit is proudly featuring local practitioners who are making a positive impact through their work and organizations. 

      This is a space for you to connect with those who are showcased and to share some of your own knowledge about best practices & emerging trends in peacebuilding, DRG programming, and M&E.

      We invite you to reflect on the resources below, provide your insights, and tell us how you are making an impact.

      • Which showcased organizations or presenters are related to your work?
      • How do you collect evidence and demonstrate impact in your own work? 

      Collaboration can make your impact even greater, so please connect with the community to maximize your work.

    • Greetings

      My name is Gloria Hingoma Founder of Zambia Peace conflict resolution and development initiative. Our focus is advocacy on youth peace and security and women peace and security. currently implementing a youth peace and security project We create space for youth led and youth focused organizations to engage in dialogue on the normative frameworks of the African union. We have conducted a landmark event on strengthening dialogue on YPS in Zambia in collaboration with the African Union youth ambassador for southern Africa. Other regional organizations included IEP southern Africa, Comesa, National youth council Zimbabwe, and local grassroots organizations. This is the begging of more similar platforms to assist the stakeholders and citizens to facilitate development and implementation of ypS into National Action plans.

      We look forward to more partnerships to enhance understanding the importance yps among youths and women, possible pathways and recommendations on best practices

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        Hi Gloria, thanks for joining us for the Summit!

        The Zambia Peace Conflict Resolution and Development Initiative sounds like amazing work, and seems like it involves a lot of collaboration and partnership, so I’m extra glad that you’re here.

        There are definitely ConnexUs members working on YPS and WPS, but I’m not as sure about those working at the intersection of the two, so I’d really be interested in learning more.

        Do you have more information on your organization/would you like to add it to our map?

        Which aspects about pathways & best practices in YPS & WPS are you most interested in connecting around?

    • Hello, glad to be joining the discussion! My name is Michael Robinson and I’m an Institutional Learning Officer with Search for Common Ground. Much of my work is focused on supporting partnership transitions (organizational, programmatic, or activity level) from international to local entities. I’m really excited for this Evidence & Impact Summit and to see how people are demonstrating impact to highlight the amazing work they are doing!

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        Hello Michael, thanks for joining us, so good to have you here!

        Are there any best practices or demonstration of impact that you’d like to share from your work on partnership transitions? Where could people start if they’re interested in transitions from international to local entities?

        • Hi Emily, happy to be in the discussion! Yes, as part of the Stopping As Success (SAS) project from 2017-2020 we researched cases where transitions were seen as successful and responsible to the local entity, and put those lessons into a set of over 25 tools and resources for organizations going through or planning a transition. The overview of the top level lessons learned is captured in our Synthesis Report: https://www.stoppingassuccess.org/resources/synthesis/

          A few top level lessons learned that I’ll share here are: how INGOs enter matter as much as how they leave, organizations benefit from having a transition plan before programming begins, addressing power imbalances is a critical process, and post-transition partnerships are possible (whether formal or informal).

          Stopping As Success is now in it’s second phase (SAS+) until 2025, where we are engaging as learning partners with organizations in transition to provide guidance, support, and build upon our lessons learned in the first iteration of the project. Looking forward to seeing more from this Summit about ways in which local practitioners are capturing and showcasing their impact, and if partnerships have helped or hindered in that process.

    • Dear ConnexUs network and members Here is my commitment for my contribution to sustainable Peace:

      My Proposed strategic plan to achieve the goals of world peace.


      I, Cheikhouna THIOUNE, Ambassador for Peace, hereby declare my individual commitment to peace which will be to act for peace and advocate for communities of sustainable peace:


      In 2022, let us continue to act as young volunteers ambassadors of peace”. By organizing very often events

      related events. Designing and presenting activities, initiatives that will advance our campaign for effective and sustainable peace in communities through a wide dissemination of the peace message.

      Act and advocate for peace with the SDGs.

      Thus I propose The following actions, which if executed perfectly, will lead us to imminent and lasting peace:

      – Educate others and make them aware of the obstacles and challenges to peace,

      – Influencing legislators to create or change laws to ensure justice, human dignity and the possibility of peace for all,

      – Influencing legislators to create or change laws to ensure justice, human dignity and the possibility of peace for all,

      -Influencing the media to change the narrative, educate, raise awareness, and draw attention to our efforts to make peace possible,

      – change the focus, change the direction

      Lobby public officials for better implementation of laws and policies that make peace possible for all,

      – Develop coalitions and networks of stakeholders from all sectors of society to achieve a common goal of sustainable peace,

      – Build support for community-based projects and programs that provide Support for community projects and programs that provide solutions to ensure peace for all,

      – Use the Global Goals to identify priority challenges that impede peace in communities.

      – Indeed, the Global Goals set key targets for the world to end poverty, combat climate change, and fight injustice and inequality,

      – Ultimately, collective action by communities around the world to advance the Global Goals will bring us closer to peace!

      This is the goal and the challenge of my efforts.


      – Remember, collaboration is the key to mobilizing for peace! – That is why we must seek out like-minded organizations or individuals for sponsorship and support.

      – We will need to reach out to all peacemakers, community leaders, youth activists, supporters and active young citizens around the world.

      – By engaging them in events with our partners, international forums, and other opportunities to promote the campaign and advocate for peace.

      Equal to Medium Goal

      Resources and materials are needed to achieve the peace goals:

      – There is a real need to create a peace toolkit, an advocacy toolkit, a media kit, a peace coalition guide,

      – a peacemaker toolkit, social media templates – … A scavenger hunt is required.

      Action Tracker:

      – Information on peace actions will be included in activity reports.

      – Organize monthly surveys for members and supporters on peace actions.

      Use the new technologies at our disposal to create real connectivity through networks in order to get high visibility in the world opinion.

      – Develop registration forms for supporters, individuals, organizations, partners, and all interested sectors.

      – Tracking the number of pledges on our peace campaign website

      – Social media monitoring

      Best regards,

      This is my motivation for a better and peaceful world.

      Sincerely yours dear friends.

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        Thank you so much for sharing this, Cheikhouna! I couldn’t agree more with your vision and plan for peace, and I’m inspired by your commitment to sustainable world peace.

        Are there any resources or initiatives that you’d recommend to the ConnexUs community, or any areas of your plan (lobbying, partnership, resource collection, etc.) that you would like support with?

        I’m looking forward to collaborating with you!

    • مرحبا .اسمي ناجي القادري واحد من دعاة السلام في العالم و في اليمن بشكل خاص .

      السلام كلمة لها تأثير ايجابي بين اوساط المجتمع ويحن لها جميع فئات المجتمع من عمر الخمس سنوات الى 100 .يحلم بها الكثير ولا يجدونها الا على الجرائد والصحف والمجلات و على شاشات الاخبار ووسائل التواصل الاجتماعي .فهي ك الزئبق لا يمكن احد رؤيته ولكن له .

      السلام هو حلم الاجيال الحاضرة و امل الاجيال القادمة .

      يا بناة السلام  دعو الاجيال القادمة تكتب اسمائكم بحروف من ذهب على ما تقدمونه من افكار و تخضيات لبناء سلام عادل  في هذا العالم الملئ بالصراعات .

      اريد ان استهل الفرصة في هذه المنصة الرائعة و ادعوا كافة المنظمات الدولية الى زيادة البحث عن ممولين لمشاريع مستقبلية تحث على السلام .لابد ان يكون هناك مشروع في الشرق الاوسط ضخم وعملاق يستهدف الفئات العمرية من 12 سنة حتى 18 عام .و ذالك عن طريق ادخال دروس او منهج يحضر له من قبل مختصين في بناء السلام و نبدء في هذا المشروع في اقرب وقت .يحث يكون المشروع في الدول التي تعاني من الصراعات والحروب والتميز العرقي .عندما يدرس السلام في المدارس سوف يكون له مردود ايجابي بين اوساط المجتمع .و بهذا وبعد 8 سنوات سوف تلاحظون النتائج الايجابية لهذا المشروع العملاق .



    • Hello. My name is Naji Al-Qadri, one of the advocates of peace in the world and in Yemen in particular.

      Peace is a word that has a positive impact on social circles and is longed for by all segments of society from the age of five to 100. Many dreams of it and find it only on newspapers, newspapers, magazines, on news screens, and on social media. It is like mercury that no one can see, especially in the countries where it Struggles and wars

      Peace is the dream of present generations and the hope of future generations.

      Peace-builders, let future generations write your names in letters of gold on the ideas and efforts you present to build a just peace in this world full of conflicts.

      I want to launch the opportunity in this wonderful platform and call on all international organizations to increase the search for funders for future projects that encourage peace. There must be a huge and giant project in the Middle East targeting the age groups from 12 to 18 years old. This is by introducing lessons Or a curriculum prepared for it by peacebuilding specialists and we start this project as soon as possible. The project will be in countries that suffer from conflicts, wars, and ethnic discrimination. When peace is taught in schools, it will have a positive impact on social circles. And with this and after 8 Years, you will notice the positive results of this giant project.

      • 0

        Hello Naji, and thank you for participating in the Summit!

        Your peace advocacy is quite admirable, and we do hope ConnexUs can be a part of your movement toward peace.

        I notice that you mention teaching peace in schools. Have you (or other ConnexUs members) seen models of this in Yemen or elsewhere?

    • Hi everyone!

      Nice to meet fellow peacebuilders working in different contexts, and to read a lot of interesting resources this week! My name is Anaïs Caput, and I work for Search for Common Ground as a Design & Learning Senior Specialist.

      I was particularly interested to read SHARE’s “Pillars For Successful Value For Money (VfM) Evaluation.” This is a concept our organization has looked into it, and I have also found it tricky to understand and evaluate. The insight that “Programme impact and VfM can then be assessed as positive regardless of the absence of VfM savings. Considering other qualitative factors in evaluating VfM means introducing new indicators” particularly resonated with me, as I feel that too often, VfM is understood as implementing at low costs, regardless of program quality, impact, etc.

      Is that something other organizations struggle with?

      Thank you for this great resource SHARE, and thank you for sharing it ConnexUs!

    • By NSCPC

      My name is Folayinka Ige, the Commandant of NATIONAL SCHOOL CRIME PREVENTION CORPS a paramilitary organization registered as SCHOOL CRIME PREVENTION ORGANIZATION here in Nigeria saddled with the responsibility of initiating peace methodologies in Institutions of  Learning with specific focus on eradicating Cultism ( VIOLENT PROTEST OF DANGEROUS WEAPONS) from primary to University with the mild application of VISUAL METAPHOR DISPLAY guided by COBWEB PRINCIPLE,)

      Back to focus point : local- international partnership on peacebuilding. To start with, which area of collaboration – if it is capacity building then we look for those who need capacity reinforcement to meet up to a level that will substantially yield more positive results. Diverse area of partnership exist , some will be mutual while others at just receiving end. Number 1, understand the specific need of a local NGO.

      The second point is much closer in duty as the first one,  which is ;- is the mission to establish more information on Peaceful co-existence readily available in there ? If not, this is another area where there can be a International organ to partner with no such local NGO to meet the Comuniñty.

      A lot of Local NGO are seriously working on Peace Movement with little or no Grants as a supportive tools. If an NGO has a evident template of veritable tools, such can be assisted to keep on the great work .

      Training of community leaders, professionals and the likes on peace movement and conflict resolution principles is a good idea of using one stone to kill a thousand. Also, the tools and resource forblolal v professional to initiate a

    • Thanks for this exposure!

      Well, as much as we are looking at peace in the without let also imagine peace in the within; I’m looking toward the relationship between Mental health and Peacebuilding!


      We always have ideas but the reach out for financial aid to Startups is is like raising hand to touch the moon!


      Please help in this!!

    • By Anonymous

      My work intersects with organizations like [insert relevant organizations], and I collect evidence and demonstrate impact through meticulous data analysis and stakeholder feedback integration. By the way If anyone take “help with statistics assignment” This academy provide best services.

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