Public Health


What is Public Health?

Public health is the science of protecting & improving the health of people & their communities (CDC Foundation).

What is the Relationship Between Public Health & Conflict?

According to the World Health Organization’s Global Health for Peace Initiative (GHPI), “Conflicts are a major obstacle to health, while a lack of access to health & basic social services can lead to feelings of exclusion, which are in themselves a major driver of conflict & violence. Delivering health care can help prevent this vicious circle if done so in a way specific to the context, sensitive to the triggers of the conflict & both delivers health benefits & contributes to the peace process.”

Where Can I Have Conversations with Others About Public Health in Conflict-Affected Contexts?

To start conversations about & provide insight on topics related to public health & conflict, please explore & contribute to our Discussions.

Are There Examples of How Public Health is Addressed in Conflict Settings?

For a collection of resources on public health & conflict, please visit our Resource Library.

How Can I Find Collaboration Opportunities Around Public Health in Conflict Settings?

For a list of organizations & groups working in public health in conflict contexts, please see our Collaboration Map.