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    • Welcome back to the Stopping as Success Community of Practice!

      The SAS+ CoP is here to provide a space for open conversation and dialogue regarding best practices and lessons learned from leadership transitions.

      As we set the parameters of this CoP, it’s important for us all to agree on the terms we will be using, and how we use them. As a consortium, we have a list of agreed upon definitions for terms we use on the daily, which can be found here: SAS+ Definitions – Stopping As Success

      In the discussion thread below, I invite you to reflect on these definitions and answer the following:

      1. Does our definition of shifting the power, sometimes referred to as “localization” (number 10) correspond with what you believe? 
      2. Do you agree with our definition of responsible transition (number 6)? Is there anything you would add and/or remove?
      3. What would you say are the steps that go into making transition thinking (number 7) an action?

      I look forward to reading your thoughts ahead of our meeting on November 2nd. In your answers, please indicate your name and your organisation.

      For any questions or queries, please contact me, Mélina Villeneuve, at [email protected]

      Thank you and all the best! 

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      It’s our pleasure to be together with you.

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