ConnexUs is a global network and coordination platform that creates a collaborative environment for the peacebuilding, humanitarian, development, and public health fields. Through ConnexUs, practitioners, academics, and activists can find out who is working in their community and make real-time connections. The platform offers public discussion forums and private messaging features to help facilitate secure and open knowledge sharing. By harnessing the power of working together online, organisations can fill in gaps and reduce overlap in their programmes and activities.

Responding to Global & Local Challenges


The COVID-19 crisis showed us that even as we faced an interconnected problem, we had a disconnected response. The original vision for ConnexUs was a community and resource hub for people responding to coronavirus in conflict-affected contexts and has since expanded to providing responders with the tools they need to address challenges and crises in their communities. By encouraging transparency and sharing, ConnexUs is a comprehensive, central site to exchange ideas and create solutions.

Amplifying the Voices of Influencers Around the World


Coronavirus has shaken the foundations of our lives and the information ecosystem; there are more messages coming from more sources every day. Ultimately, the messenger is often more important than the message itself. Around the world, Influencers in conflict-affected contexts are utilising their platforms to promote public health awareness and coordinate positive responses to combat the pandemic, and ConnexUs is amplifying their work. To see more about our Influencers for Change network, click here.

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