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Are you a practitioner in a conflict-affected setting looking to measure the impact of your peacebuilding work? Do you want to incorporate the lived experiences and perspectives of communities into your monitoring and evaluation processes? The Grounded Accountability Model (GAM) might be what you’re looking for!

Using the Grounded Accountability Model, a number of organizations—including Everyday Peace Indicators, Cooperativa del Sur del Cauca, Search for Common Ground, and Asociación Minga—and peacebuilders around the world have worked to co-create everyday indicators of peace together with people directly affected by conflict. At the core of this work is our collective effort to improve ways in which we measure our impact and hold our organizations more accountable to the communities that we wish to serve better.

We’re excited to invite you to join the Grounded Accountability Model Community of Practice! Together, we will share lessons learned implementing the Grounded Accountability Model, support each other on our journey, and build community along the way. Whether you’re already using GAM or interested in learning more about it, we welcome you to join the conversation. 

Joining is easy–just fill out the registration form on ConnexUs, and we’ll keep you up to date on all our upcoming sessions. Our community of practice is open to practitioners around the world, especially those in conflict-affected settings using or interested in using the Grounded Accountability Model. We look forward to learning and building peace with you!

Upcoming Session

When: 19 September, 9:00 AM ET / 8 AM Colombia Time / 2:00 PM WAT

Topic: The value of localized indicators in the work of national & regional organizations in Colombia

Purpose: In this session we will learn about the experiences of two Colombian organizations that are participating in the GAM process by adapting the everyday indicators methodology. Minga worked with the organization CIMA Nariño on the creation of indicators around peace and permanence in the territory. Cosurca created cooperativism and economic solidarity indicators and agroecology indicators with the producers from the organization ASPROBALBOA.


  • Olga Lucía Suárez, Minga Project manager
  • Lupercio Angulo, Cosurca general manager
  • Daniel Ausecha, Cosurca research consultant
  • Daniel Angulo, Cosurca research consultant

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