The Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute (MPI) is an Asian training institute grounded in the Mindanao, Philippines, context that provides a space for people of diverse backgrounds to gather together, share and learn in a safe environment where all viewpoints are encouraged and respected. MPI is a resource for peacebuilders: providing skills, conducting research and building solidarity within the Asia-Pacific Region.

Aside from gaining new practical skills, many participants ascribe equal value to the bonding, friendships, and solidarity that are created among peace advocates from many different countries. Indeed, MPI has become a venue where participants strengthen their commitment to peacebuilding through continuing association with peer practitioners.

In its desire to be a wellspring of peace processes and initiatives, MPI has created a space where peacebuilders meet in mind, heart, and spirit to keep abreast of the challenges that the issues of peace and justice present. In a professional and personal way, MPI, through its programs, offers opportunities by which the journey of peace becomes real in the lives of peacebuilders and their communities.