ConnexUs Thursday Talk: Building Social Cohesion in Online Communities

Online communities have become increasingly prevalent in the post-pandemic world. Research shows that as of 2021, there are over 10 million Facebook groups, with more than 1.8 billion people using them monthly. Over 70 million active admins & moderators run these groups.

However, moderators & administrators of online communities are often given responsibilities without the necessary skill sets and resources to manage the growing threats & challenges in the digital realm. These challenges leave digital community stewards & their group members vulnerable.

In 2022, Search for Common Ground developed a training curriculum for digital community stewards on building social cohesion in online communities. This curriculum equips digital community stewards to protect members from harmful content while promoting more inclusive & collaborative online experiences.

This session focuses on the role of admins & moderators in building online social cohesion & aims to encourage stakeholders to engage with digital community stewards & help them develop the skills needed to create safer online communities.

Digital Community Stewards Training

The Digital Community Stewards Training consists of 10 modules that train digital community stewards in building inclusive & safe digital experiences for their online groups. It covers various platforms & equips stewards with the skills to protect members from misinformation & harmful content while fostering collaboration & inclusivity. The training also focuses on developing leadership abilities to enhance member engagement & prioritize safety.