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    • I have noticed that we often misunderstand the obvious, and that’s okay. We apply impermissible carelessness to the complex processes, but at the same we complicate simple things.

      Before sharing the stories with you, I would like to introduce one very interesting term: NEED FOR CLOSURE (NFC). The desire or motivation to have a definite answer or knowledge instead of uncertainty or doubt.

      We need answers which are simple and clear. Everyone has a different NFC, which led to the development of NFC scale. One with a high level has dogmatic, populist views in political or religious area. Why? Because  the inability to perceive complex things, they simplify them, and “serve” them under the “sauce” of dogmatism and populism. I hope I was able to close your NFC in the NFC question.

      This term often helps me to explain the certain views in religion. Some say, “Religion should be removed, beards should be shaved, headscarves should be burned, and there will be no problems.” At the same time, there is also a mirror position “Progress is debauchery, all the troubles come from it, you need to live like in 7th century and everyone will be righteous.”

      With my blog, I want not only to explain the religious processes, but invite all of you to dive deeper into a complex process, if not the most difficult one. Let’s not look for simple solutions or answers. Learn to live with uncertainty. I invite you to rethink the role of religion and think about new models of secularism.

      What is religiosity in a nutshell for you?

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