Participatory Theater for Building Dialogue

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09:00 am TO 05:30 pm
(GMT +1:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris
Cologne, Germany
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The crucial role of narrative traditions in fostering strong and sustainable communities by bringing people together

In-person training.

This training combines theory, practice, and reflection about yourself and the topic. Participants will examine their stereotypes and beliefs, tell personal stories, make body practices, acting exercises, work with the voice, develop creativeness, intuition, spontaneity.

Particular attention will be paid to group rituals that create a sense of community, a safe space to raise sensitive, uncomfortable topics, to express yourself, to be honestly interested in those around you.

The course will provide an overview of three participatory theater methods: Documentary Theater, Playback Theater, and Theater of the Oppressed. By intensively trying out the three methods, the participants will have the opportunity to gain a deep insight into how these methods work. By the end of the course, participants will have a solid foundation in each of the three methods and will be able to choose the right method for their work with communities and for a further, more in-depth development.

Who can register for this course?

The thematic training is designed for social workers, peacebuilders, community leaders and experts working with conflicts. The training is an introduction to theater methods. No previous experience in this field is necessary.

Depending on methods and topic of the training, we limit the number of available spaces to a manageable size (a maximum of 16 participants). Register early to reserve your place! 


The main objective is to explore three theatrical methods, elements of which can be incorporated in the activities of specialists who work with different communities that are in crisis and in conflict, and specialists who have a peacebuilding mission of restoring communities after traumatic events. The training is intended to give participants a first insight into the three theater methods. Participants can use the exercises and approaches working with groups in their own activities.

Key Concepts

  • Documentary Theatre
  • Playback Theatre
  • Theatre of the Oppressed
  • A model for building inclusive spaces (theory of Narrative Reticulation) and preventing discrimination
  • Actors training

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