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    • Our sister site DME for Peace is being redeveloped, and we would like your input for renaming the platform.

      The redevelopment is being guided by the concept of “Access with Ownership.” DME for Peace has had over 275,000 users from 191 countries and we want to make it even easier for practitioners around the world to access and contribute their expertise to the global knowledge ecosystem. “Impact” is another guiding principle for the redevelopment as one of the goals of the platform is to improve the effectiveness of programmatic interventions and amplify the impact of practitioners around the world.

      We are looking for a new name that reflects the guiding concept and goals of the platform. We would like your help brainstorming a name that both captures these values and resonates with our community.

      Please freely share & discuss name suggestions in this forum!

    • How about “The Access Network” or “Access for Impact”? Or Designing for Impact?

      • By iude

        How about “mindset lab” or “Access to Impact”

      • PeacePort

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          “Port” as in portal, or something else?

        • yes, I think so! Also a play on “passport” if we wanted to introduce this design element

        • From a design/visual aspect, I love the idea of being able to play around with passports, etc. My only concern, and I might be thinking too much into it, is that passports/passes could correlate with limitation in people’s minds. Not every passport allows you to go everywhere. It’s limiting and some passports are “better” than others. We want to emphasize being open to all. Also my mind went to vaccine passes because it’s all over the news right now, and that’s definitely a pandora’s box we don’t want to open lol.

          Like I said, I might be going too far down the symbolism hole, but that was my only reservation. From a design standpoint, though, I love it.

          Keep te great ideas coming Sam! Really appreciate it.

    • Collective4Peace


      Approaching Peace on All Sides

      The Peace Network

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      Love these suggestions so far! The word hub comes to mind. Also a path, from access -> impact.

      Question: Is the intention to keep “Peace” in the name?

      • No necessarily. Of course peace will always be a core aim, value, and area of focus, but we are also expanding more into development, human rights, and even humanitarian. The sector is moving more towards a nexus, and that is our goal as well.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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