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    • Following our Thursday Talk with local peacebuilding practitioners on climate security, there were questions that we didn’t get to address, so we’re sharing them below.

      Do you have a question for the speakers, GPPAC, and/or UNDP? Share them here for a fruitful discussion!

    • Here are some of the questions we didn’t get around to during the event:

      • One thing you all touched upon, but I thought I would ask about directly, is how to bridge “formal” weather data with the traditional knowledge. I am thinking about Marion’s wonderful example of the Buffalo.
      • When developing the guidance note is there anything that you would have liked to add or keep, but you made a tough decision to cut or exclude?
      • Do you encounter climate change sceptics at local level? If you do encounter it, how is it dealt with at community level and is it covered in Guidance Note?
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