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    • To inform effective and conflict-sensitive responses to the current and future pandemics, Search for Common Ground is conducting and disseminating research on how COVID-19 is impacting conflict dynamics as part of the Working Together against Corona programme.

      This research, presented in snapshots from 6 countries (Kenya, Nigeria, Palestine, Tanzania, Uganda, and Yemen), is available in our resource library or by clicking through the map below:

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      The reports provide valuable insights into how the impact of the pandemic changes over time. For instance, people’s trust in their government and their willingness to collaborate across dividing lines has gone up during second waves, and so has informal information-sharing (with the potential risk of further rumour spreading).

      If you’re in or near Kenya, Nigeria, Palestine, Tanzania, Uganda, or Yemen: Do the findings reflect your experience? How would you answer the survey questions that were asked?

      If you are outside of the above regions: Which country report is most similar to your own context, if any? What trends do you find most promising? Most concerning?

      Please freely discuss these snapshots below.

    • Interesting to see how trends and perceptions are evolving over time! I was interested to see in Kenya how satisfaction levels in government services has decreased, while needs are increasing on so many fronts (mental health, economy, GBV, etc.). It resonates with what my country is experiencing – beyond the immediate needs to respond to the crisis, we need a whole-of-a society approach to address the long-term effects of the pandemic, and our governments need consultative and collaborative approaches to ensure that they are addressing our blind spots and responding to the diversity of needs that are emerging.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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