Born in the border plex region of Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, Texas, I had the opportunity to experience two cultures, which impacted my way of seeing life. With a degree in business administration and six years of experience in customer service, I enjoy finding new solutions to problems. I'm passionate about encouraging people, and I facilitated over 150 coaching sessions a year, helping people create change in their lives. I love to be with people and listen to their stories. I am passionate about helping people and organizations use their resources efficiently to achieve their goals. My daily tasks in Preemptive Love are taking care of administrative things, promoting peace, and preventing war through relief, humanitarian aid, and training workshops for migrants and local communities. I also build strong working relationships with organizations, shelters, and institutions to create collaborative ties. I also have experience as a mentor and facilitator, providing workshops on communication, teamwork, sales, leadership, customer service, and innovation to groups of 30 people on average for the public and private sectors. I have experience working in a Bank as a cashier, teller, and branch supervisor for almost three years. I volunteer in a parish group that seeks to positively impact young people's lives to create awareness and a desire to help the most vulnerable people and communities. I also teach communication and creativity skills to encourage them to perform better in their activities. Sports fan, especially soccer, I have participated in the logistics and organization of indoor soccer tournaments to promote a healthy lifestyle among young people and encourage collaboration.

Current Organizations

Search for Common Ground, Preemptive Love Coalition