Influencer Projects

COVID-19 Responses

The following projects from our Influencers for Change are COVID-19 responses with both in-person and online components.

Agent End Communal Spread of COVID-19 [Nigeria]

This project by Amb Emmanuel Gabri aims to prevent communal COVID-19 transmission through sensitization and advocacy programs using indigenous languages and local action in satellite towns and rural communities to reduce the spread of COVID-19. It will leverage expert skills and resources to create innovative and inspiring radio publicity content that has the potential to change the perceptions and narratives of COVID-19 in communities. The bottom-up approach will include highlighting the daily struggles, triumphs and emotions of people who are learning to curb the spread of COVID-19.

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Health is Peace [Nigeria]

The overall objective of Dengiyefa Angalapu’s project is to facilitate the entrenchment of peace practice and healthy living in an era of COVID-19 through a sensitization campaign that calls the attention of community residents in Bayelsa State to the primacy of health in building sustainable peace. There will be online campaigns and competitions, collaborations with other social media influencers, and in-person campaigns and sensitisation tours that will be featured on social media platforms.

COVID-19 Vaccination Registration Campaign [Lebanon]

As an ambassador with Lebanon of Tomorrow (LOT), Elie Rustom will launch a social media campaign raising awareness about and directing people toward COVID-19 registration through the Ministry of Health. The campaign will include a micropage on the LOT website, online instructional videos and posts, and in-person educational stations.

Campaign for COVAX Vaccine Mobilisation & Fighting Misinformation [Nigeria]

With this project, Kurutsi Shimfe plans to combat misinformation, build trust in the COVID-19 vaccine, and assist the government with vaccine rollout among urban communities by engaging religious and traditional leaders in Plateau State. Activities include lectures and facilitated discussions, travelling roadshow campaigns and dramas, and informative billboard postings.

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Community Engagement, Education, & Collaboration to Combat COVID-19 [Nigeria]

Matthew Tegha’s project is centered on engagement and learning around preventing the spread of COVID-19 misinformation and disinformation. Additionally, it will encourage collaboration among youths, community members, and groups across dividing lines to identify opportunities to foster peace, thereby promoting social cohesion during the pandemic. These objectives will be addressed through town hall meetings, youth trainings, community theatre, original videos, and educational articles.

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Elimika Kutibika [Kenya]

For this project, Ramla Nasib will utilise a combination of online and offline activities to help the communities and their families in Kisauni sub-county understand the importance of safety and good health and address fear of the COVID-19 vaccine. Participants will be encouraged to share ideas on remedies of positively dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, create awareness and build trust around the COVID-19 vaccine, and bridge the gap between community members to promote a resilient community.

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