How do I manage the evaluation process? How to I make sure ethical and conflict sensitivity considerations are addressed in the evaluation process? This section outlines the various dimensions of evaluation management and implementation—from management issues such as logistics and team development to robust data collection and analysis methods and ethics and conflict sensitivity. In addition, tools and resources developed for evaluations in specific sectors or topics are included here.

I am Interested in Evaluating Peacebuilding Programming in a Particular Sector. Are there Special Considerations and Tools?

Integrated Development and Peacebuilding

Security Sector Reform


Transitional Justice


How do I Collect and Analyze Data?

Evaluation Methods and Data Analysis

What do I need to do throughout the Evaluation Process to Manage the Evaluation?

For Evaluation Managers

For Evaluators and Project Team

What are Ethical and Conflict Sensitivity Issues in Evaluation, and How do I Manage them?

Ethics in Evaluation