Practicing Environmental Peacebuilding

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09:00 am TO 01:00 pm
(GMT +1:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris
Cologne, Germany
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A systemic environmental approach for peace and conflict work

Online-training with live-sessions & self-paced learning.

The environment-fragility-peace nexus presents a radically new operational dimension for humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding interventions. It poses a new set of complex challenges, in which social, political, economic, and environmental problems must be addressed systemically and simultaneously across various scales, incorporating local, national, regional, and global programs. However, while the knowledge base on the link between climate, fragility, and conflict is quickly growing, assessment frameworks and tools for practices are still mostly absent or ill-suited for the use of most organizations. This course will close this gap.

As women and particularly marginalised women not only face specific vulnerabilities from climate-induced fragility and conflict, but are essential to building peace and resilient communities, the approach will also adopt a gender-sensitive and intersectional lens.

This course is designed for peacebuilding professionals who want to make practical use of Environmental Peacebuilding in their work. It can be helpful for participants to already have basic knowledge of the concepts in peace and conflict work, on systemic conflict analysis and Reflecting on Peace Practice (RPP). However, material for preparation can be provided by the trainer prior to the training.


  • Appreciate the links between environmental impacts and vulnerabilities, especially climate change, and the drivers of peace and conflict.
  • Gain the ability to conduct a systems-based environmental peace and conflict analysis.
  • Deliver programming support based on such an analysis that addresses environmental impacts, conflict and fragility together.

Key Concepts

  • Environmental peacebuilding
  • Systems thinking and Reflecting on Peace Practice (RPP)
  • Intersectionality
  • Climate Security 

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