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    • Produced by the Institute for Economics & Peace, the Global Terrorism Index provides a comprehensive summary of the key global trends and patterns in terrorism. It analyses a number of vital aspects of terrorism such as the socio-economic conditions under which it occurs, how terrorism changes over time, the geopolitical drivers and ideological aims of terrorist groups, and the strategies used by terrorists.

      You can watch the recording here

      And read the Global Terrorism Index 2022 report here


      Following our Thursday Talk with Jessica Duque of the Institute for Economics and Peace, what are your remaining questions, comments, feelings, or thoughts?

      Please share any related resources or experiences below!

    • Thank you for such a great presentation of the Global Terrorism Index, it was really interesting and helpful! I had a couple of quick questions:

      1. Does the GTI 2022 see any relationships between youth buldges & terrorism, similar to the relationships we see with climate & terrorism?

      2. Are there contexts we aren’t (but should be) thinking about now to prevent terrorism down the road?

    • I thought this was a very interesting presentation

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