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    • Dear ConnexUs network and members  Here is my commitment for sustainable contribution to this flagship Summit :

      My Proposed strategic plan to achieve the goals of world peace.


      I, Cheikhouna THIOUNE, Ambassador for Peace, hereby declare my individual commitment to peace which will be to act for peace and advocate for communities of sustainable peace:


      In 2022, let us continue to act as young volunteers ambassadors of peace”. By organizing very often events
      related events. Designing and presenting activities, initiatives that will advance our campaign for effective and sustainable peace in communities through a wide dissemination of the peace message.

      Act and advocate for peace with the SDGs.

      Thus I propose The following actions, which if executed perfectly, will lead us to imminent and lasting peace:

      – Educate others and make them aware of the obstacles and challenges to peace,

      Influencing legislators to create or change laws to ensure justice, human dignity and the possibility of peace for all,

      – Influencing legislators to create or change laws to ensure justice, human dignity and the possibility of peace for all,

      Influencing the media to change the narrative, educate, raise awareness, and draw attention to our efforts to make peace possible,

      – change the focus, change the direction

      Lobby public officials for better implementation of laws and policies that make peace possible for all,

      – Develop coalitions and networks of stakeholders from all sectors of society to achieve a common goal of sustainable peace,

      – Build support for community-based projects and programs that provide Support for community projects and programs that provide solutions to ensure peace for all,

      – Use the Global Goals to identify priority challenges that impede peace in communities.

      – Indeed, the Global Goals set key targets for the world to end poverty, combat climate change, and fight injustice and inequality,

      – Ultimately, collective action by communities around the world to advance the Global Goals will bring us closer to peace!

      This is the goal and the challenge of my efforts.


      – Remember, collaboration is the key to mobilizing for peace! – That is why we must seek out like-minded organizations or individuals for sponsorship and support.

      – We will need to reach out to all peacemakers, community leaders, youth activists, supporters and active young citizens around the world.

      – By engaging them in events with our partners, international forums, and other opportunities to promote the campaign and advocate for peace.


      Equal to Medium Goal

      Resources and materials are needed to achieve the peace goals:

      – There is a real need to create a peace toolkit, an advocacy toolkit, a media kit, a peace coalition guide,
      – a peacemaker toolkit, social media templates – … A scavenger hunt is required.

      Action Tracker:

      – Information on peace actions will be included in activity reports.

      – Organize monthly surveys for members and supporters on peace actions.

      Use the new technologies at our disposal to create real connectivity through networks in order to get high visibility in the world opinion.

      – Develop registration forms for supporters, individuals, organizations, partners, and all interested sectors.

      – Tracking the number of pledges on our peace campaign website

      – Social media monitoring
      Best regards,

      This is my motivation for a better and peaceful world.

      Sincerely yours dear friends.

    • بناء السلام

      كلمة تطرق الاذان كل يم صبح مساء ولكن للاسف لا نشعر بها ولا نلمسها .

      يناء السلام اصبح حلم كل شخص في الكرة الارضية .السلام لا يعني فقط ايقاف الحروب والصراعات لكن هناك سلام للامن الغذائي و سلام للمناخ و سلام للتنمية المستدامة .نحن من اولئك الذين يصارعون الحياة من اجل السلام بشكل عام .


      ناجي القادري


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