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    • To inform effective and conflict-sensitive responses to the current and future pandemics, Search for Common Ground is conducting and disseminating research on how COVID-19 is impacting conflict dynamics as part of the Working Together against Corona programme.

      The reports provide valuable insights into how the impact of the pandemic changes over time. We are specifically highlighting the Nigeria report in this discussion forum.

      Some key findings include:
      – Levels of trust in COVID-19 information heard on Search’s radio partners is relatively high, and informal information sharing about COVID-19 is very widespread
      – Trust in the government’s pandemic response and in non-governmental actors is on the rise amid a second wave
      – Horizontal Cohesion is increasing during the second wave, but with important age and regional variations

      Do the findings reflect your experience? What trends do you find most promising? Most concerning?

      Please freely discuss below!

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