How have you made a difference in your community & through your work during COVID-19?

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    • We hold the tremendous loss and hardship brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and we know there is so much more progress to be made. At the same time, we want to recognise the work you have been doing to make things better.

      How have you been affected by the pandemic? How have you adapted your work? How have you collaborated with others to make a difference in your community and through your work?

      We’d like this forum to be a space for you all to acknowledge—and maybe even celebrate—the positive differences you’ve made, been a part of, or witnessed in spite of and/or in response to COVID-19.

      We would also love to hear about your visions for what is yet to be achieved.

    • In the refugee hosting areas of Northern Uganda, a number of development issues were registered since the wake of Covid-19 and the lockdown. The fading lockdown clearly demarcated the dividing lines as South Sudanese refugee and host communities found themselves locking horns due to the rise in desperacy, youth unemployment and fizzling opportunity cost to conflict.

      The Search team and the CSO partner have launched the bi-monthly community dialogues which helped to unveil the emerging issues brought about by Covid-19. These dialogues have among others created avenues for meaningful engagement of key stakeholders as the participants set action points for preventing conflicts from escalating.

      In Nyumanzi refugee settlement, rivaling pastoralist groups have agreed to map grazing corridors, and landlords pledged to avail more land to kraal owners as a means to reduce avert conflicts brought about by stray animals.

      • Thank you for sharing, Akim! How have you seen the bi-monthly community dialogues evolve over time?

Viewing 1 reply thread
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