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    • The health is peace project is a sensitization campaign aimed at calling the attention of community residents in Bayelsa state of Nigeria to the primacy of health in building sustainable peace. The project was motivated by the adverse impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on diverse aspects of life. With the outbreak of the pandemic in November 2019 and its entry into the Nigerian state, peace-building became increasingly difficult in the country. Conflicting groups continued their activities almost unhindered while the limits of the capabilities of the state were tested as they directed resources towards containing the spread of the pandemic. Worse, the pandemic and its attendant crippling impact on socio-economic and political life births scarcity which induces violent conflicts. More so, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and other interventionist agencies experienced paucity of funds which prevented them from effectively intervening in conflict situations. Similarly, the capacity of medical facilities and the available medical personnel were stretched beyond their limit. Lastly, and perhaps worse, ill health itself is a form of structural violence that threatens human security as it usurped hitherto existing certainty about daily life in the country at large and Bayelsa state in particular. This underpins rising concerns over health security especially of women and children.

      The adverse impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on peace are enormous and intriguing, However, they are symbolic of the broader impacts of poor health conditions on peace. Health is a core aspect of contemporary development concerns of the 21st century and has been featured in the Millennium Development Goals as well as the Sustainable Development Goals. The achievement of good health is therefore important as the diverse aspects of development dovetail in interesting ways and lacunas in one area could reverse gains achieved in others.

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