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      Hi everyone!


      My name is Laura Mills, and I am a co-founder of Data Science for Sustainable Development (DSSD). I currently serve as DSSD’s Director of Data Science and would like to announce our Fall 2022 call for project proposals!


      DSSD is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides data science, GIS, and software development services to technically-strained, mission-driven organizations. We prioritize initiatives that support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and we work toward the democratization of data science.


      We manage hubs of volunteer data scientists and software engineers at various universities, and we are looking for 3+ projects where we can lend our services.


      We’ve worked with the following in the past:


      • organizations that have data and some key questions
      • organizations that have data but no specific questions yet
      • organizations that have key questions but no data yet


      Past projects include


      1. Mapping violent death data to show gaps in reporting for the Global Registry of Violent Deaths (GReVD),
      2. Developing an online platform to visualize the Alliance for Peacebuilding’s Eirene Peacebuilding Database, &
      3. Building a community engagement platform called GIS for Peace alongside Esri.


      Please reach out with any questions, and feel free to circulate this call for projects to your networks! My email is [email protected]
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