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    • What are your thoughts on COVID-19 vaccine prioritisation?

      Transparency International notes, “The wealthy and powerful use their influence to ensure access, while low-income families lose out, steadily eroding their trust in the systems and governments that are supposed to protect them.”

      Correspondingly, a Partnership for Transparency blog post reports, “High-level corruption scandals around the world have exposed the actions of health ministers and high-level officials who manipulated the system to ensure close contacts receive COVID-19 vaccines out of turn.”

      For example, tensions are rising in Kenya as it “has offered free COVID-19 vaccines to all diplomats based there…even though it has not completed inoculating its own health workers, other frontline staff or elderly,” and leadership in Palestine “has been accused of siphoning some of the few doses allocated for Palestinians and distributing them to the senior ranks of the ruling party, allies in the media and even to family members of top dignitaries.” Meanwhile, a WHO official has warned, “The Philippines may risk losing millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses from the global COVAX facility if it fails to follow prioritization requirements.”

      What does vaccine prioritisation look like in your country?
      What role do you see nongovernmental and civil society organisations having in vaccine prioritisation, if any?
      What opportunities do you see for cross-sector collaboration in guiding vaccine prioritisation?

      We look forward to seeing your thoughts.

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