Digital Community Stewards Training

Building Social Cohesion in Online Communities

Three out of four people on the internet are part of an online group. These online experiences shape their perspectives, skills, and relationships – for good and for bad. But what if we could prevent harm and build social cohesion in online groups? This training curriculum aims to equip digital community stewards who host online groups to do just that.

In this 10-module curriculum created by Search for Common Ground, digital community stewards learn how to build inclusive, engaging, and safe digital experiences in their online groups. Whether they are hosting a WhatsApp, Facebook, Discord, or any other group, either public or private, these modules equip the digital community stewards to protect members from misinformation and harmful content and drive more inclusive and collaborative online experiences for group members. The training also strengthens the stewards’ leadership skills in growing member engagement while keeping members safe.

Each module is hooked on a ‘dilemma’ faced by many digital community stewards. Because these stewards often act as first-line responders for their group members, they have enormous opportunities to grow in each of these areas. Click the Featured Resources below to access the facilitator’s guide, participant handouts, and supporting materials for each module.

Our Training Modules